Wednesday, July 27, 2005


open-Portals and CMS

Liferay released its much awaited 3.5 version Liferay Portal 3.5.0.New features include hot deployable themes, portlet instancing, built in support for Sun JSF and MyFaces, friendly URLs, and much much more! Many new JSR 168 complient portlets are also incorporated for eg--

Navigation Portlet -The Navigation Portlet allows you to display the navigational structure of a portal page. Its features a GUI console for editing and adding the nodes,hence Liferay renders the navigational structure accordingly.
Other Good Portlet is..
Portlet Aggregator - which provides flexibility for laying out portlets. Instead of being constrained to placing portlets under one, two or three columns, you can now mix and match.

So more is in the Look and Feel part too :-)


apoorv said...

Good one.
There is some more review here:

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